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Current Resources

AstroChallenge 2024

AC2024 Invitation Letter

AC2024 Changes Outchit

AC2024 Information Letter

The AC Formula Booklet (R2024)

AC2024 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2024 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2024 Senior MCQ Answers

AC2024 Junior MCQ Answers

AC2024 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2024 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2024 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2024 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2024 DAQ Paper

AC2024 DAQ Data Set

AC2024 DAQ Answers

AC2024 Theory Obs Paper

AC2024 Theory Obs Ans

AC2024 Prac Obs Paper

AC2024  Project Round Infosheet

AC2024  Project Comm Report

AC2024  Post Mortem

Past Resources

Admin Documents

Past Year Papers

AstroChallenge 2022

AC2022 Invitation Letter

AC2022 Changes Outchit

AC2022 Information Letter

AC2022 Obs Round Instructions

AC2022 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2022 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2022 Senior MCQ Answers

AC2022 Junior MCQ Answers

AC2022 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2022 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2022 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2022 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2022 DAQ Paper

AC2022 DAQ Answers

AC2022 Theory Obs Paper

AC2022 Theory Obs Ans

AC2022 Prac Obs Paper

AC2022 NST

AC2022 Project Round Infosheet

AC2022 Project Comm Report

AC2022 Post Mortem

AstroChallenge 2023

AC2023 Invitation Letter

AC2023 Changes Outchit

AC2023 Information Letter

The AC Formula Booklet (R2023)

AC2023 Obs Round Instructions

AC2023 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2023 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2023 Senior MCQ Answers

AC2023 Junior MCQ Answers

AC2023 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2023 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2023 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2023 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2023 DAQ Paper

AC2023 DAQ Answers

AC2023 Theory Obs Paper

AC2023 Theory Obs Ans

AC2023 Prac Obs Paper

AC2023  Project Round Infosheet

AC2023  Project Comm Report

AC2023  Post Mortem

AstroChallenge 2021

AC2021 Invitation Letter

AC2021 Information Letter

AC2021 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2021 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2021 Senior MCQ Answers

AC2021 Junior MCQ Answers

AC2021 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2021 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2021 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2021 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2021 DAQ Paper

AC2021 DAQ Answers

AC2021 Theory Obs Paper

AC2021 Theory Obs Ans

AC2021 Prac Obs Paper

AC2021 Prac Obs Obj List

AC2021 NST

AC2021 Project Round Infosheet

AC2021 Post Mortem

AstroChallenge 2020

AC2020 Invitation Letter

AC2020 Information Letter

AC2020 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2020 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2020 Senior MCQ Answers

AC2020 Junior MCQ Answers

AC2020 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2020 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2020 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2020 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2020 DAQ

AC2020 Obs Paper

AC2020 Obs Ans

AC2020 NST Question

AC2020 Project Round Infosheet

AC2020 Post Mortem (J)

AC2020 Post Mortem (S)

AstroChallenge 2019

AC2019 Invitation Letter

AC2019 Information Letter

AC2019 Senior MCQ Paper & Answers

AC2019 Junior MCQ Paper & Answers

AC2019 Senior DRQ Paper & Answers

AC2019 Junior DRQ Paper & Answers

AC2019 Obs A Paper

AC2019 Obs A Answers

AC2019 Obs B Paper

AC2019 Obs B Answers

AC2019 Public Obs Brief

AC2019 Project Round Infosheet

AC2019 Post Mortem (J)

AC2019 Post Mortem (S)

AstroChallenge 2018

AC2018 Invitation Letter

AC2018 Information Letter

AC2018 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2018 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2018 Senior MCQ Answers

AC2018 Junior MCQ Answers

AC2018 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2018 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2018 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2018 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2018 Post Mortem

AstroChallenge 2017

AC2017 Invitation Letter

AC2017 Information Letter

AC2017 Senior MCQ Paper & Answers

AC2017 Junior MCQ Paper & Answers

AC2017 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2017 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2017 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2017 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2017 Project Round Infosheet

AC2017 Post Mortem

AstroChallenge 2016

AC2016 Invitation Letter

AC2016 Information Letter

AC2016 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2016 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2016 Senior MCQ Answers

AC2016 Junior MCQ Answers

AC2016 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2016 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2016 Senior DRQ Answers I

AC2016 Senior DRQ Answers II

AC2016 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2016 Project Round Infosheet

AC2016 Post Mortem

AstroChallenge 2015

AC2015 Invitation Letter

AC2015 Information Letter

AC2015 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2015 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2015 MCQ Answers

AC2015 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2015 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2015 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2015 Junior DRQ Answers


AC2015 Post Mortem

AstroChallenge 2014

AC2014 Syllabus

AC2014 Senior MCQ Paper

AC2014 Junior MCQ Paper

AC2014 MCQ Answers

AC2014 Senior DRQ Paper

AC2014 Junior DRQ Paper

AC2014 Senior DRQ Answers

AC2014 Junior DRQ Answers

AC2014 Project Round Rubrics

AC2014 Post Mortem

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