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Keep up to date with the latest updates released by the AstroChallenge planning committee

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Finding Your Way to AstroChallenge Venues

Hi Participants, Day 1 of AstroChallenge is soon approaching! To help you find your way to the competition venues, we have prepared venue maps. They detail the best ways to get there via public transport.

Day 1 Venue Map - NTU LT1A

Day 2 Venue Map - NUS LT7A

Day 3 Venue Map - NUS LT6

Posted: 25/5/2023

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Updates to Schedule and Extension of Early Bird

The event schedule for each day of AstroChallenge has been revised. Kindly refer to the updated Information Letter for the most recent schedule.

The Early Bird registration period has also been extended to 9 April.

Information Letter (Rev 2)

Posted: 3/4/2023

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Information Letter

As of today, registration for AstroChallenge 2023 has begun! Kindly refer to the Information Letter for the registration details and more information on this year's competition format.

The Senior DAQ Paper has been released as well, so eager teams can get a head start!

Information Letter (Rev 1)

AC2023 Senior DAQ Paper

Posted: 14/3/2023

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AstroChallenge 2023

The NUS and NTU Astronomical Societies are proud to present AstroChallenge 2023! This year, the 19th rendition of Singapore's annual astronomy competition will commence on 27th May. More details can be found in the Invitation Letter.

Invitation Letter

Posted: 6/2/2023

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