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AC Past Committees

No event is possible without the work of a dedicated team. From administrative duties to logistical planning, the AstroChallenge committee works hard every year to bring you a unique and unforgettable astronomy competition.



Chairman: Chong Ka Shing

First Deputy Chairman: Yong Fu Hsien

Deputy Chairman: Khoh Yek How

Deputy Chairman: Chen Wei Zhong

Head Question Master: Janani Ramachandran

Full List of Committee Members:


Chairman: Khoh Yek How

First Deputy Chairman: Cai Xinjie

Deputy Chairman: Mirabelle Pei

Deputy Chairman: Nicholas Tan Ming Hwee

Head Question Master: Nicholas Phung-Zhang

First Deputy Head Question Master: Jerry Qu Yuxuan
Assistant Chairman: Wan Si Chen
Assistant Chairman: Eugene Seah

Deputy Head Question Master: Wang Ming Chuan

First Assistant Head Question Master: Fong Ken Rui

Full List of Committee Members:


Chairman: Claudia Liauw

First Deputy Chairman: Tham Kai Wen

Deputy Chairman: Raphael Low

Deputy Chairman: Teo Ziyi Ivy

Head Questionmaster: Nicholas Phung-Zhang

Deputy Head Questionmaster: Nicholas Tan Ming Hwee


Chairman: Huang Wei Grace

First Deputy Chairman: Roy Costa

Deputy Chairman: Brian Acilles

Deputy Chairman: Md Fareed

Head Questionmaster: Lim Kia Yee

Deputy Head Questionmaster: Wan Si Chen


Chairman: Wan Sichen

Deputy Chairman: Brian Acilles

Deputy Chairman: Roy Costa

Head Questionmaster: Lim Kia Yee


Chairman: Tan Hong Kiat

Head Questionmaster: Clarence Liu Hui Hong


Chairman: Lam Ka Ying

Deputy Chairman: Bok Yi Jun Ivan

Head Questionmaster: Kim Mu Young


Chairman: Clarence Liu Hui Hong

Head Questionmaster: Lim Kia Yee


Chairman: Christopher Cheng

Deputy Chairman: Ooi Qi En

Head Questionmaster: Lim Kia Yee


Chairman: Li Yiming

Head Questionmaster: Lim Kia Yee


Chairman: Li Yiming

Deputy Chairman: Lim Kia Yee

Head Questionmaster: Kevin Quek


Chairman: Soh Rong En

Deputy Chairman: Nguyen Nhi Thai An

Head Questionmaster: Lee Dong Wei


Chairman: Khoo Chian Yian Kenneth

Head Questionmaster: Soh Rong En


Chairman: Han Weiding

Head Questionmaster: Khoo Chian Yian Kenneth

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