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Hall of Fame

A showcase of past winners as well as some of the exceptional works by our participants. Well thought out and meticulously crafted, these submissions embody the true spirit of the competition.

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AstroChallenge 2022 Winners

Senior Category


Raffles Institution Team 1

Tan Keng Guan

Liu Hao

Tong Yi Xuan

Shrimay Bikash Saikia

Zhao Tianqin Oscar

1st Runner Up

Hwa Chong Institution Team 1

Lu Xixun

You Xinmei Mabel

Koa Jaden

Zhuo Zhuzhen

Li Xinrui

2nd Runner Up

NUS High School Team 1

Alphonsus Low Khee Ern

Tan Jun Wei

Tan Shaen En Lucas

Miguel Simon Chin Kejun

Lim Ding Heng

Best Project

Eunoia Junior College Team 1

Hua Bo Fan

Ang Jing Yi

Htoo Myat Noe

Ryan Law

Sean Toh Ming Yang

Best Astronomer

Raffles Institution

Liu Hao


Hwa Chong Institution

You Xinmei, Mabel

Wong Yee Hern

Lin Jiahui

Yong Xue Yuan

Junior Category


Raffles Institution Team 1

Teo Kai Wen

Ng Zi Xuan

Om Joshi

Kwang Khay Yuan

Lee Zhe Yu Nathan

1st Runner Up

NUS High School Team 3

Selvakumar Vigneshwaran

Siddharth Dharani

Leng Kane Kiat

S N Kylash

2nd Runner Up

Nanyang Girls High School Team 1

Ma Anni

Chen Siyu

Ma Anqi

Lim Jia Yi Chloe

Best Project

Nanyang Girls High School Team 3

Ooi Xi En

Lim Yu Xuan, Clare

Shen Xi Ran

Erica Ramli

Best Astronomer

Raffles Institution Team 1

Teo Kai Wen

The Hall of Fame

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Project Round Showcase

The Project Round demands creativity and effort from our participants. The following include some honorable mentions.

HCI Senior Team 1 Project Round Video
(Generating Energy in Space, 2021)

Raffles Institution Team 1 Project Round Poster
(Supernovae, 2020)

AC2020 RI Junior Team 1 Project Round Poster.png
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