Welcome our Guest Judges to AstroChallenge 2010!

This year we are proud to have

Mr. Jayawijayaningtiyas, Associate Professor Phil Chan, Mr Leek Meng Lee and Professor Richard Strom for our Guest Judges.

Mr Jayawijayaningtiyas is the current President of NTUAS. He was formerly also a Quizmaster of past AstroChallenges. Jay is also a proud Gold Medallist in the International Astronomy Olympiad.

Associate Professor Phil Chan teaches Physics in NUS and is also one of past AstroChallenge’s Guest Judges.

Mr Leek, a PHD student from NUS Physics Department. He is also one of our past AstroChallenge’s Guest Judges.

Professor Strom teaches at Amsterdam and he is also an adjunct professor at James Cook University in Australia, and visiting professor at NUS and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.

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