1. Schools are free to send in any number of teams per category.

2. Each team shall consist of 4 team members and an optional reserve member.

3. In response to participant feedback, the organisers have decided to open up AstroChallenge to mixed teams: teams comprising of participants from different schools. For the purposes of the competition, these mixed teams will be treated as coming from an entirely separate school. In other words, mixed teams in the Senior Category will be expected to bring their own telescope. They will not be allowed to share telescopes with the originating schools.

4. As AstroChallenge clashes with examinations for Polytechnic students, Polytechnic teams are allowed to send an additional reserve team member. However, these teams are subject to the existing participation rules for each AstroChallenge round (not more than 5 students for the MCQ, Observation and Project rounds, and not more than 4 students for all other rounds)

5. Only one team from each school can qualify for finals of the category, i.e. IP schools can have one team in the Junior Category finals and another team in Senior Category finals.

(updated 2 Feb 2020)