Note for Senior Observation Round Teams

All schools participating in the Senior Observation Round will have to inform the Quizmasters of the following details on Day 1:

  • Names of the participants in the Observation Round
  • Telescope/Mount used (if different from registration)
  • All reference materials that will be used during the Observation Round (to be submitted for review)
  • Any other materials/equipment that will be used during the Observation Round

The deadline for this declaration will be 1330 hours on Day 1 (before the start of the DRQ Round). All non-electronic reference materials will be submitted for review during declaration. Electronic reference materials (e.g. Stellarium on laptops) do NOT need to be submitted for review, but they need to be declared to the Quizmasters.

Approved reference materials will be returned during the Observation Round. Non-approved references will only be returned after the Observation Round ends.

Finally, as the Observation Round is meant to mimic an actual observation session, teams are encouraged to bring items that are typically used in observation sessions (e.g. red torch lights, trash bags/rain covers in case of wet weather, mats etc.)

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