Change of timings for AstroChallenge Day 2

There has been a slight change of timings for the second day of AstroChallenge. Here is the revised timeline for day 2!

Time Event
1330h – 1400h Registration
1400h – 1430h Preparation for project round
1430h – 1630h Project Round – Presentation & Evaluation
1630h – 1700h Prize Presentation
1700h – 1800h * Public Talk 2 : To Boldly Go Where No Astronomer Has Gone Before
1800h – 1900h * Dinner-time
1900h – 2000h * Public Talk 1 : Introduction to Astronomy
2000h – 2030h * Movie screening
2030h – 2045h Boarding of Bus to East Coast Park for public stargazing session

* indicates changed timing. Schedule is subject to changes.

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