AstroChallenge 2013 Questions Bundle and Solutions

Question papers and solutions of AstroChallenge 2013 for DRQ and MCQ Round for both Junior and Senior Categories together with the Project Round details are available now! You can download it here. You can find it under the “More Information” tab as well.

AstroChallenge 2013 Scores and Photos

Top 50% participants’ score of each round from both categories are out! For Junior Category, you can view it here. For Senior Category, you can view it here.

Photos of the competition for both days are available here.

Question papers and the solutions will be provided soon. So, stay tuned!

AstroChallenge 2013 Results

After two days of competition to be the best in AstroChallenge 2013, the competition awarded the participants with awards!

Congratulations to all AstroChallenge participants and award winners!
The results of AstroChallenge 2013 are as follows*:

Junior category
Champion – Raffles Institution
1st Runner-Up – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
2nd Runner-Up – Bukit Panjang Government High School
Best Astronomer – Darren Chua, Raffles Institution
Best Project – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Team 1

Senior category
Champion – Raffles Institution
1st Runner-Up – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
2nd Runner-Up – Hwa Chong Institution
Best Astronomer – Jee Kai Yen, Raffles Institution
Most Improved Individual – Jee Kai Yen, Raffles Institution
Best Project – Hwa Chong Institution Team 1
Best Observation – Raffles Institution
*Award for Best Newcomer for both categories and Most Improved Individual for Junior category are cancelled due to unfulfilled requirements needed.
We hope that AstroChallenge 2013 has gained your interest in astronomy as well as to make friends with the same interest.

We, the AstroChallenge 2013 Committee, would like to express our gratitude to our Guest of Honor, A/Prof. Phil Chan Aik Hui and our judges, Dr. Cindy Ng Shao Chin, Dr. Abel Yang and Dr. Ng Siow Yee for their precious time with us. We would also like to thank our event’s sponsor, Astro Scientific Centre Pte Ltd, for their meaningful contribution. Thank you for the AstroChallenge 2013 organizing committee for your effort and lastly, thank you for all the participating schools and we hope to see you again in AstroChallenge 2014!

The questions will be uploaded under the “More Information” tab soon. The results of the top 50% scores in MCQ, DRQ Project and Observation rounds will also be available for downloading, at the same page. Photos of the competition will also be uploaded; so, keep the updates with us. If you have any question, feel free to email us at

Registration for AstroChallenge 2013 extended!!

The deadline for registration of AstroChallenge 2013 has been extended to 15th of May 2013. Don’t hesitate, register now at here.

Registration for AstroChallenge 2013 is now open!

AstroChallenge is back! Please click here to register for AstroChallenge 2013! In addition, feel free to browse our information page for past year’s question papers and solutions.
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