AstroChallenge 2012 Results

Congratulations to all AstroChallenge participants and award winners!
The results of AstroChallenge 2012 are as follows:

Junior category
Champion – Raffles Institution
1st runner-up – St Joseph’s Institution
2nd runner-up-  Bukit Panjang Government High School
Best Astronomer – Chua Yee Shuen Darren, Raffles Institution
Best Newcomer Team – St Joseph’s Institution
Most Improved Individual  – Devansh Agrawal, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Best Project – NUS High Team 1

Senior category
Champion – Raffles Institution
1st runner-up – Anglo-Chinese Junior College
2nd runner-up – Victoria Junior College
Best Astronomer – Jee Kai Yen, Raffles Institution & Kendrick Wong Wei Xiang, NUS High
Best Newcomer  Team – Anderson Junior College
Most Improved Individual – Wang Yanhao, Victoria Junior College
Best Project – Raffles Institution Team 1
Best Observation – Raffles Institution

It is hoped that through AstroChallenge has promoted not only a friendly competitive spirit, but also given all the opportunity to enhance and further one’s passion and thirst for knowledge.

The questions are also available, under the “More Information” tab. Please note the errata file. The results of the top 50% scores in MCQ, DRQ Project and Observation rounds are also available for downloading, at the same page. Should any school wish to know its students scores in greater detail, please email us.

AstroChallenge 2012: updates

The event is approaching, and here are some administrative details and changes to take note of:
1. There will be more prizes up for grabs this year! Apart from the prizes announced earlier, we are introducing:
  • Best Project Award: for each individual category (instead of one across both categories, as announced earlier)
  • Best Observation Award: for the best performing Senior team in the Observation round
2. Venus transit activities
Please note that for some Venus transit activities, pre-registration is required:
  • 5th June, 4PM – Remus CJ’s Astrophotography exhibition at the Science Foyer: no pre-registration is required.
  • 5th June, 5PM – “How to prepare for Venus Transit” talk by Visiting Professor Richard Strom: registration is done concurrently with AstroChallenge registration in the morning.
  • 5th June, 8PM (repeat session at 9PM) – Musical performance at University Town: pre-registration is required and can be done here. The deadline has been extended to Sunday, 3rd June.
  • 5th June, night – stargazing session at NUS Football Field: the registration form here should have already been submitted prior to 27th April. A check on the number of students staying overnight, and the number of telescopes would be done concurrently with AstroChallenge registration in the morning.
  • 6th June, “Black hole” talk by Distinguished Professor Roy Kerr at 9AM, and “Venus Transit” talk by Visiting Professor Richard Strom at 10AM: pre-registration is required and can be done here. The deadline has been extended to Sunday, 3rd June.
We strongly encourage schools to bring as many telescopes as they can. At night, schools may conduct overnight stargazing, regardless of whether the school is also participating in the observation round. Furthermore, we suggest that students stay overnight, as the Venus transit starts at sunrise (slightly before, actually), and it might not be feasible to rush over to NUS that early in the morning.
Important: if your school is bringing telescopes to view the Venus Transit and does not have solar filters, please drop us an email at by Sunday, 3rd June, specifying your telescope’s outer diameter, so we may loan solar filters to you during the event.
3. Project Round:
There will not be an alternative project round topic. Please make sure that you finish on time, and submit the Project Round report to us during the registration.
4. Venue:
The competition venues and time are confirmed as follows:
  • 5th June: NUS LT27 – 9AM
  • 8th June: NTU LT1A – 10AM
Thank you very much, and see you at NUS on the 5th of June!

Registration Deadline extended! Plus Astronomy workshops, Venus Transit, and more!

The deadline for registration of AstroChallenge 2012 has been extended to 15th May 2012.

Don’t hesitate any further, register now at!

This year, on top of the thrilling and intellectually challenging competition, participants can look forward to joining a range of concurrent events:

1) To better prepare participants who are new to astronomy, Woodlands YEC Astronomical Society will be working in collaboration with the AstroChallenge committee to offer educational workshops covering a range of topics relevant to the competition. Our Quiz Masters will be teaching at the workshops.

In addition, some papers from past AstroChallenge competitions have been uploaded under the Information tab for participants’ reference. Do note that prior to AstroChallenge 2011, competition papers were not standardized, and may not reflect the true academic requirement of AstroChallenge 2012. Please use them at your own risk.

2) To celebrate the extremely rare Transit of Venus – indeed, the last of our generation – NUS Faculty of Science will be organizing a range of fun and educational activities, to be held on the 5th and 6th of June. Participants can look forward to joining public lectures, astrophotography exhibition, music performances, and public observation session. More information can be found at the event’s website.

Please register early for these events to avoid disappointment. For enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for your interest in AstroChallenge 2012, and we look forward to seeing you at NUS on the 5th of June!


Registration for AstroChallenge 2012 is now open!

AstroChallenge is back! Please click here to register for AstroChallenge 2012! In addition, feel free to browse our information page for past year’s question papers and solutions.

For enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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