AC 2011 – Observation Round

Dinner’s over! It’s observation round.

However, due to the cloudy weather, outdoor observation round cannot be carried out.

Therefore, we can only have theoretical observation round in the LT2A.

The observation round is announced to begin at 7:37pm to 9:07pm, and will last for 1 and half hour.

During the DRQ…

The overview inside the LT.

Overall view

The two QMs incharge in the DRQ round, Jia Wei and Rong ‘en.

Two QM incharge in DRQ

Clarifying some ambiguity of the questions.


Headache? Good luck guys!


Teacher advisor from Raffles Institute, waiting for the participants to finish their questions.

Teacher advisor from RI

Back-bone of the event, the some committee members from AC2011.

Committee for AC2011

AC 2011 – DRQ Round

Lunch was over! It’s time to go into next round, DRQ – Data Response Question.

Each of the teams was sitting separately from each others.

What do they need to do? Let’s Jia Wei to explain the rules and regulations of the round again…

DRQ Explanation

And it’s announced to start at 2:10pm. It will last for 2 and half hour.

They are paying so much concentration on it…






…and so stylish they are.

Lunch-time break

“It’s 12:25pm, time’s up, please stop writing!”, announced by Jia Wei, Chief QM to end the MCQ round.

Participants could be exhausted now, time to refresh themselves.

Lunch time would be from 12:30pm to 1:50pm, and next activity, DRQ round, will start at 2:00pm.

AC 2011 – MCQ Rounds

First activity of the event, MCQ rounds started at 10:25am to 12:25pm. 2 hours paper.

Junior category

Junior teams were sitting on right side of the lecture, waiting for the MCQ.

Chief Quiz Master

Chief Quiz Master was explaining and clarifying the rules and regulations to the participants for the MCQ round.

MCQ started

MCQ round was started at 10.25am for 2 hours. Participants were getting into the situation, starting to imagine the sky in the paper.

Good luck everyone! Look forward to seeing the BEST ASTRONOMER born here!

Astrochallenge 2011 – Registration and Seating-in

Pre-event activity, registration has begun.
Starting at 9.00am, students along with their teacher advisors from all over the Singapore are arriving NTU to register for the competition.
There are 25 teams in total.

Committee member ready for registration


Outside LT2A

Seating in Senior category

Seating in Junior category

Update on competition details

The Schedule of events has been revised and the venue for the 1st day’s events has been changed to LT2A (NTU).

Detailed information on the competition are also now available on the information page. It contains the updated itinerary, rules and regulations, maps to competition venues and indemnity forms.

Do check the site regularly for any further updates.

We look forward to seeing you at the competition next week!

Schedule of Events

The schedule of events has been updated. Check out Schedules to find out more.

Extension of Registration

The deadline for registration has been extended till 21st MAY. Do sign up to be part of the great astronomy competition of the year!

AstroChallenge 2011 Syllabus and Formula Sheet

The details of the AstroChallenge 2011 Syllabus and Formula Sheet are OUT!

Head over to the information section to find out more!

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