Lunch-time break

It’s the end of project round, ended at 12pm.

The participants have done good presentation, everyone should have enjoy them much.

It’s lunch time now! 1 hour break for them, and next will be Finals for Junior Category, will begin at 1:15pm.

Enjoy the meal!

During the Project Round…

Some photos captured during the two-hour project round…








AC 2011 – Project Round

The first activity to be held on 2nd day was Project Round, where participants were to show their creativity to the judges.

This year, the theme of the project round is Star Chart.

Their projects were all around the LT, and judges were approaching each of the projects to start judging their projects.

Here are the projects from some of the schools.








Great show from everyone! Creative and innovative.

Second of Astrochallenge 2011

It’s 10th of June, the second day of AC 2011. The first activity started at 10am in LT 27. All the participants were outside the LT to wait for the organisers who were busy preparing inside.

Astrochallenge trophies

Winning team trophies

The trophies waiting on the displaying table, waiting to be taken home. Who will be their winner?

Giving away the water

Esther, Vice President of AC 2011, giving away water when participants were going into the LT.

Rong 'En taking attendance

Rong ‘En was taking attendance of participants.

Participants getting into the LT

All the teams were getting into the LT and setting up their projects on the wall around the LT.

End of Day 1

Observation round is over! It’s officially announced end of the day 1 of Astrochallenge 2011!

Thanks everyone for your participation and also good job for all the committee!

We will see other again on second day!

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