Solutions to AC2011

Breaking away from the tradition, the quiz master team have kindly decided to release the answers to this year’s competition. They can be downloaded from the information page. It is hope that with more publicly available question papers, we would be able to improve the overall knowledge of the astronomy community.

Do check back for more information of next year’s competition in early 2012.

End of Astrochallenge 2011!

It’s finally comes to the end of everything. After two days fighting for the best, all the participants have show their best performance throughout the competition.

Now it’s prize presentation!

We have the Junior category winners as follow: – Raffles Institution

2nd – Bukit Panjang Govt. School

3rd – NUS High School

And the winners in Senior category are:

1st – NUS High School

2nd – Raffles Institution

3rd – Victoria Junior College

The Best Astronomers for this year in each category is as followed:

Junior category – Oh Wei Shen

Senior category – Zou Tangsheng

The Best Project Round teams belong to:

Junior category – Raffles Girls’ School

Senior category – NUS High School

Congratulation to all the winners!

Also, as an appreciation of token, we give away the plaques for the Guest of Honor, Associate Prof. Dr Kwek Leong Chuan, Guest Judges, Assoc. Prof David Lee Butler, Assoc. Prof Phil Chan, Dr. Cindy Ng, and Mr Leek Meng Lee. Thanks for their precious time with us!

That’s all for the Astrochallenge 2011! Great job and very thanks to all the backbone committee members from NUS and NTU, and thanks to everyone for hardwork to make this event complete and successful. Hope to see everyone again next year!

AC 2011 – Senior Final

It’s end of Junior Final, and we are proceeding to the senior final.

We have one more judges to join us, Associate Prof David Lee Butler from NTU.

At the same time, we are very proud to have with us, Guest of Honour, Associate Prof Kwek Leong Chuan, throughout the remaining of the events.

Welcome GOH and Guest Judges!

For Senior category, we have the following teams which successfully enter the final round:

1. Raffles Institution

2. Victoria Junior College

3. NUS High School

4. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

5. National Junior College

Good luck for them in the final!

During Junior Final

The Junior Final was officially started at 1:40pm when the guest judges were ready.

The three guest judges, Mr Leek Meng Lee (left 1), Dr Cindy Ng (left 2), and Associate Prof Phil Chan (right 1). Anne, Quiz Master was accompanying the guest judges throughout the final.


Jia Wei was briefing the rules and regulations about the finals again.


The Junior Final started, the first round, Individual round, which each of the team members has to take turn to choose which question they want to answer.


The mark recorder team, Esther, Mathangi, He Miao, and Kenny.


Participants from Anglo-Chinese School.


Participants from NUS High School.


Participants from Raffles Girl School.


Participants from Bukit Panjang Govt. School.


Participants from Raffles Institution.

AC 2011 – Going into Junior Final!

Yeah! Finally, it comes to the climax, and most exciting round! The Junior Finals!

Three distinguished guest judges have been with us, they are Associate Professor Phil Chan, Dr. Cindy Ng, and Mr Leek Meng lee.

Besides that, proudly to announce that the teams that successful to enter the Final round are:

1. Raffles Institution

2. Bukit Panjang Govt School

3. Raffles Girl School

4. NUS High School

5. Anglo-Chinese School

Congratulation! Good luck for them in the final!

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