Junior Finals!

Yes! We have reached the climax! The Junior Finals. The great and most excited part of the AstroChallenge 2010!

The participants and the former committee members are waiting for the excitement of the Junior Finals!

The Guest Judges are seated and ready to judge the finals. Our vice-president of AstroChallenge 2010, May Han, is ‘entertaining’ the Guest Judges.

The five teams was chosen to participate in the Junior Finals.

The Junior Finals begins.

One of the participants is copying the questions from the board.

Round 4 – MCQ Round

The round which determine the Best Astronomer of the year, Multiple Choice Question round. Each individual is using the full of brain power to answer the question, because each of them want to be the Best Astronomer!

The participants are sitting on their own seats, waiting for MCQ round to begin. Everyone is waiting patiently.

QMs are distributing out the question papers, then round starts, participants is doing the question papers.

Even our former AstroChallenge committee want to take the challenge by answering the questions!

Starting of Day 2 AstroChallenge 2010

Welcome back! Great to see everyone again.

The queueing trophies and prizes on the desk to be brought away by winners.

Registration and entering hall of ‘examination’.

Arrival of Guest-of-Honours

Mr. Lim Tit Meng arrives the AstroChallenge 2010, and enjoying the shows from the participants who are promoting their ‘Solar System Tourism Packages”.

Round 2 – Project Round

Everyone is ready to get excited and exciting others after having their lunch. It is the Project Round! Have fun!

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