Photo Session!

In such a big event, nobody will forget to bring some memory back home. Here comes, the photo session! Everyone cheers!

The great effort by the committee members has brought the AstroChallenge 2010 to the end perfectly. Thanks everyone and well done!

Grand Finals!

Having too much of stress during the competition? Now, have fun in the Grand Finals! A non competitive activity for the participants and the audience.

At the finishing line of AstroChallenge 2010!

It’s the ending of the AstroChallenge 2010! It is also the most nervous part of the event, which is prize presentation! Participants are curious to know who will be the winner is for the year!

Giving out of the Certificate of Participation by the three exco, President – Mr Foo Jun Rong, Vice President – Thong May Han and Yap Poh Ling.

The giving out of trophies and prizes for the winners!

Newcomer Winners~

Junior Winners~

Senior Winners!

Best Astronomer of the Year!

President giving the token of appreciation to the Guest Judges.

Congratulation to all the winners! And very appreciate the Guest Judges for their help in this event.

Have a high-tea time

After the great challenges, participants should be tired. Let’s have a break and have some refreshments.

The Guest Judges are having refreshments accompanied by our president of AstroChallenge 2010.

Other committee members are queuing for the food too. Thanks for your effort in AstroChallenge 2010! Enjoy your food!

Senior Finals!

Another greater challenges between teams – Senior finals! Five groups are chosen from the senior categories to participate in the final round.

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