AstroChallenge Round 4 – Project Round

Yesterday at AstroChallenge 2009:

Cadets of the Star Fleet Academy (particpants of AstroChallenge) took 2 tests to determine their eligibility to join Star Fleet, passed the tests, and graduated as Ensigns. They have all been recruited to scout for information regarding a new race of beings known as the Arachnids from Klendathu.

Today, the ensigns will be performing their first mission.


Good afternoon ensigns. Here is your first mission.

The Vulcan Science Academy is researching on a new engine to further increase the warp speed, so that we may escape the Arachnids if discovered. However, the progress of the research has been too slow. You are required to use time machines to bring brilliant scientists from the past back here. For this round, be bold and unleash your creativity!

  1. Participants are to perform a cosplay of “Any Astronomy Related Scientist” with the complete specification and context decided by the team prior to the competition.
  2. All groups will be given approximately 30 minutes to prepare before presentation. The reserve can help with the preparation of the costume and presentation.
  3. Each group is given 1 minute to present their model to the judges and/or audience.
  4. The team must be ready to answer any questions that the judges and/or audience may ask. They may use simple materials to aid in their explanation.
  5. Computer presentations should not be used.
  6. The entrants may be filmed or photographed during the cosplay parade.

Let your imagination run wild and good luck!

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