AstroChallenge 2021

Dear all,

We would like to cordially invite you to participate in AstroChallenge 2021.  This year’s AstroChallenge 2021 will be held on 29th May, 7th June, 8th June and 12th June 2020. Registration can be performed at this link. Please register under “Junior” if either you are a secondary school or if you are enrolled in the first 4 years of an IP/IB school. If you are enrolled in a Junior College, Polytechnic or the last 2 years of an IP/IB school, please register under “Senior”.

With this, we are proud to present to you the list of format changes for AstroChallenge 2021.

We are also delighted to present to you the 20 questions and important information (including the submission format and rubrics) regarding the Project Round. They are in the Project Round Infosheet.

If you have any query with regards to AstroChallenge 2021, kindly direct them to Furthermore, do keep a lookout on our Facebook page for more updates on information pertaining to AC2021.

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