AstroChallenge 2016 Summary Booklet

Dear Participants

The Quiz-masters for this year’s AstroChallenge 2016 decided to be real nice and have prepared a set of summary notes tailored specifically based on the demands of the syllabus for your reference. It is a quick guide with minimal information and should not be studied alone without further reference. We also included some references used in the compilation of the notes at the bottom of the booklet. It is likely that this set of notes will be continually improved on over the years as well.

In any case, happy school holidays and see you soon on 1st June at the Yusof Ishak House Student Lounge, National University Singapore! Looking forward to judge your videos!

Note: if there are conceptual errors do feel free to inform us, though we hope that it is most unlikely to happen.

AstroChallenge 2016

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