AstroChallenge 2012 Results

Congratulations to all AstroChallenge participants and award winners!
The results of AstroChallenge 2012 are as follows:

Junior category
Champion – Raffles Institution
1st runner-up – St Joseph’s Institution
2nd runner-up-  Bukit Panjang Government High School
Best Astronomer – Chua Yee Shuen Darren, Raffles Institution
Best Newcomer Team – St Joseph’s Institution
Most Improved Individual  – Devansh Agrawal, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Best Project – NUS High Team 1

Senior category
Champion – Raffles Institution
1st runner-up – Anglo-Chinese Junior College
2nd runner-up – Victoria Junior College
Best Astronomer – Jee Kai Yen, Raffles Institution & Kendrick Wong Wei Xiang, NUS High
Best Newcomer  Team – Anderson Junior College
Most Improved Individual – Wang Yanhao, Victoria Junior College
Best Project – Raffles Institution Team 1
Best Observation – Raffles Institution

It is hoped that through AstroChallenge has promoted not only a friendly competitive spirit, but also given all the opportunity to enhance and further one’s passion and thirst for knowledge.

The questions are also available, under the “More Information” tab. Please note the errata file. The results of the top 50% scores in MCQ, DRQ Project and Observation rounds are also available for downloading, at the same page. Should any school wish to know its students scores in greater detail, please email us.

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