And so starts AstroChallenge 2009…

Good morning Star Fleet cadets. Welcome to the briefing room of the United Federation of Planets, or the UFP in short.

Recently, the UFP has discovered a new alien race in the direction of the Rainbow Starburst Nebula. We have found that they call themselves the Arachnids, from the planet Klendathu.

However, we have little information on this new race, and we need to gather as much information as we can before making first contact with them.

As you are going to graduate from Star Fleet Academy soon, the UFP is recruiting YOU, the daring, adventurous and spirited young souls to help us acquire the necessary data.

Before sending you on this important mission, all of you have to undergo a series of tests and missions to prove your abilities to serve at Star Fleet.

Passing the tests require a combination of knowledge, teamwork, creativity and speed. Get ready and good luck!

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